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Mike Puma defends voting Daniel Murphy first for MVP

The only thing to come between Kris Bryant and a unanimous NL MVP award was Mike Puma.

Puma, who writes for the New York Post, voted Daniel Murphy first in NL MVP voting. Murphy was second on 11 ballots and third on 10, just like the Dodgers’ Corey Seager. But Puma, unlike most of his comrades, thought Murphy was the most deserving of the MVP award.

He did not shy away from his lone-wolf mentality and provided his explanation on Twitter Thursday after the voting results were revealed:

Puma’s reasoning and explanations are fair. After all, Murphy batted .347 and was a postseason monster again, though those stats don’t count towards the regular season award. However, though Puma says Bryant had more protection, it’s not as if Murphy lacked support; Anthony Rendon, Trea Turner, Wilson Ramos and Jayson Werth are no slouches at the plate.

You can break the numbers up many different ways, but most of them still end up pointing to Bryant being the MVP.

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